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Are Your Google Ads Performing? Find Out Fast (And For Free)

We'll examine the historical data associated with your Google Ads account and provide actionable feedback, completely free of charge.


From day one they have been a strong tactical partner for Tiber Health, helping with our ads, content, SEO, email, and everything in between. Ellison Ellery Consulting is an extension of our team. Ellison Ellery Consulting did a stellar job identifying our lowest-hanging fruit and leveraging the efficiency of our marketing campaigns to drive long-term revenue.

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Patricia Hall
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How Can We Help Your University Grow Enrollments?

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We can either validate that what you're currently doing is working, or we can help unlock growth areas.

For this audit, we will examine your bidding strategy, campaign efficacy, and profitability benchmarks against verifiable industry standards and provide you with a report.

Our Google Ads Audit Process

Our Google AdWords campaign audits are a pressure-free way for you to get a sense of what it will be like working with us.

Our team of digital media experts knows what works. Let us help you find your groove and create ad content that converts!


Account Structure

Are your ad groups and keywords grouped in a way that optimizes for relevancy and Quality Score?

Bidding Strategy

Are you properly utilizing different keyword match types and bidding appropriately?

Targeting Methods

Are you familiar with the different targeting options and are they configured for optimal results?

Exposure / Visibility

What percentage of the time are your ads showing for your most profitable keywords?

Account Settings

There are many account settings that have both subtle and major effects on overall performance.

Budget Assessment

Are you allocating enough advertising budget to really compete in your specific industry?

Get More Inquiries and Enrollments At a Lower Cost


Choosing an agency to manage your paid media is a huge commitment. 
That's why we're willing to showcase our expertise upfront with a complimentary audit of your Google Ads.
Let us examine your bidding strategy, campaign efficacy, and profitability benchmarks.

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Request a Google Ads Audit
We'll get back to you within a day to schedule a quick strategy call so we can understand your goals, and how you track leads/conversions and get context before doing your audit. 

Client Testimonials

How are your Google Ads efforts
contributing to your institution’s growth?

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Case Studies

We have done everything from rebranding a college of business to grow graduate enrollment by creating mood boards, look books, brochures, landing pages, and more branding assets, to assisting an edtech company in growing enrollments by creating, strategizing, and implementing an admissions webinar. Find out how we've helped institutions like yours grow and scale!



Websites, logos, billboards, mood boards, brand redesigns, infographics, you name it — we know how to make design increase enrollments.

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Discussing industry trends and providing actionable tips you can take back to your institution.