Increase Your Enrollments & Yield With These Tips 

Work Smart and Automate What You Can

The enrollment process is a machine that needs to be turned on, well-oiled, and steered in the right direction.

And that’s why we’ve put together this FREE resource so you can drive more enrollments and increase yield by following our step-by-step process.

In this sheet, you’ll find expert tips, tricks, and tactics that will help you double your sales conversions by teaching you:

  • Prospect Acquisition: How to nail speed-to-lead
  • Nurturing your prospective students: How to follow up with prospects
  • Brand Tonality: How to be human!
  • Student Loyalty: How to close the deal and keep it in the long run
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Our Admissions Tips & Best Practices at a glance


Speed to Lead

Speed to Lead Relevancy

When you should call a prospect, how many times, and what you should include in the nurture emails

Human Connection

Human Connection

Tips on how to understand the prospective student before talking and trying to close a deal 

Consistent Follow up in Higher Ed

Consistent Follow-Up

What's the best gap between communications, how many characters should be included in the emails you're sending, and other hacks you didn't know about 

Close the Deal webp

Close The Deal

All about building and reinforcing trust to make the prospective student feel good about enrolling

Enrollments come down to speed-to-lead, consistency, and personalized follow-up.

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Renee Seltzer
CEO and Founder of Ellison Ellery

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Increase Your Enrollments & Yield

With our Admissions Tips & Best Practices Sheet

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Nurture Prospects and turn them into a closed deal


From the ideal communication cadence to use with your prospective students to how to be more human and create connections, we can improve your marketing efforts and increase your enrollments. Lots of universities and institutions have trusted us with their strategies and implementation!

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We have done everything from rebranding a college of business to grow graduate enrollment by creating mood boards, look books, brochures, landing pages, and more branding assets, to assisting an edtech company in growing enrollments by creating, strategizing, and implementing an admissions webinar. Find out how we've helped institutions like yours grow and scale!



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