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"Thanks to Ellison Ellery, we've been able to slice and dice our virtual events into several pieces, getting the best out of each campaign ."

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Our Webinar Best Practices Blueprint At A Glance

In recent years, universities and educational organizations are discovering the power of a Webinar-based strategy to attract new students. Over the years, our agency has sat through hundreds of Admissions webinars, and we are sharing key takeaways that you can leverage at your college or university.  Why make the same mistakes as others when you can learn from them?


Event Promotional Stage

In this stage, you'll decide which channels should be used to promote your event and you'll create a landing page to capture attendees.

Long-Term Content Building Strategy

Create an On-Demand video section on your website. Here you'll host all the live events you've published.

Post-Event Promotion

After the event occurs, you'll repurpose the landing page created to host the replay video and keep attracting new leads.

Longer-Term Content Strategy + Audit

Check your pieces on a frequent basis to make sure they're updated and are still relevant for future leads

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Learn how to get the best out of all the effort put into your webinar with our Webinar Best Practices Blueprint. This will help you leverage your content and get it in front of prospective students differently. 

If you're interested in creating a webinar but don't know where to start. We're here to help!

Everything from strategy and planning to marketing materials, email nurturing, and ads. You can turn your webinar into an enrollment machine with our help.